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  • 01 The enterprise culture

    The company is the hubei chengli group's core enterprise,National ministry of fixed-point production of various kinds of special vehicles large automobile manufacturing enterprise,The company is located in hubei province draws ever area south,Once all economic and technological development zone has manufacturing base。

  • 02 Precision detection

    Now has a large production equipment2000More than one(Sets)、Testing equipment200More than one,Production line in both domestic and international leading level。Strong technical force,Detection means complete,With domestic and foreign advanced production operations,Product quality is stable。

  • 03 Certificate of honor

    The company has evaluated by financial institutionsAAAEnterprise,Evaluated by industrial and commercial bureau of hubei province“Guard the heavy reputation of contract”Enterprise,The company“Cheng Liwei”Brand sprinkler was rated as brand-name products in hubei province;The company brand“Cheng Liwei”Won the hubei province famous trademark、China's well-known trademarks。

  • 04 After-sales service

    7*24Hours of service,Online customer service commissioner,Provide professional technical consulting for free;Perfect after-sales service team,Help you to solve the problem quickly,Expand domestic、The international market,Consolidate Cheng Liwei brand,Become the international mainstream specialized automobile supplier。

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